I feel passionately that no-one should be turned away from owning beautiful and life transforming art work. Therefore I've created a bursary. So although the artworks have set prices, I offer an option of paying less on some of the works if the price is genuinely out of your range. I trust this will be met in the spirit in which it's offered and that the system won't be abused in order to get a cheap deal. The bursary is not available on some paintings, including all "little cuties" as I've created this collection to make art affordable.  These are marked in the description. 


If you feel you need to use the bursary, please fill in the form below before you make a purchase and I'll get back to you with details on how to proceed.


People who can afford just that little bit extra when they purchase a work, or who fancy making a donation so that someone else can own a piece of healing art can donate to the bursary. I'm working on making this available on the online shop, but for now, email or call me and we'll sort out the donation together gisellelouiseryan@gmail.com